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January 2019



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Social Media Marketing*

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Motion Graphic* 


Project Created in Collaboration with Hannah Bryan

*My responsibility


After Dark 2019

Graduating class of 2019 design exhibition proposal in coordination with Hannah Bryan. After Dark uses dark colour schemes, shadows, and flat design to bring their night-time creative alter egos to life.

The Problem

The fourth year students in our college undergrad program had a grad show hosted on a minimal budget at the end of their final year. Second year students were tasked in teaming up to compete for the exhibition  branding chosen for AfterDark: The 2019 B.Des Grad Show.

The Solution

In collaboration with Hannah Bryan—a personal, customizable, monochromatic branding system was created to represent the creativity that comes alive after dark in the Conestoga College B.Des Classroom. 



A simple wordmark logo was created to work well with our highly visual branding system. With so many graphics and images, the simple combination of brush lettering and tall caps sans-serif allows for a simple yet recognizable symbol of the event.


Colour Palette

The shades of purple colour palette references creativity, nighttime, and imagination that the students experience in the program. The monochromatic scheme allows for easy recognition in the hallways and stands out amungst other ads posted in similar areas.







The handwritten, brush-script Brushthy is representitive of rushed, chaotic creativity and quick inspiration. The Basic Sans typeface balances the other text and is used primarily for its readibility.

Single Poster Mockup.png

Motion Graphics

A series of digital ads were created using imagery of the school and theanimated logo. Digital media kids were to be provided to students so they could use the logo graphics to create their own ads as well.