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August 2021


Poetry Book


Grow Through It

Designed for readers experiencing the negative effects of grief, Grow Through It is an interactive poetry book that assists them in processing emotions. The poetry creates a relatable experience for readers and describes the emotional processing of bereavement. Centred around the Kubler Ross Model of Grief, it also has tactile, musical, and reflective therapy tools for self-reflection.

The Problem

Although a natural part of the human experience,  loss and bereavement is considered one of the most difficult emotional facets to process and overcome.

The Solution

An interactive poetry book that describes emotional processing, allowing readers to connect through sameness, emotional writing, tactile experiences, and sensory engagement,

Sarah shared a drawing with you.png


Handwritten type and drawn digitally to show the personal and imperfect aspect of grieving. The growing plant represents psychological and emotional development following traumatic events or intense grief. Colour separation showed multiple renditions of the title, "Grow through it", "Growth" and "Rough it."

Colour Palette

Pastel colour scheme is representitive of traditional psychologically calming tints and colours.  The delicate colour palette communicates the soothing gentleness required for the readers' anxious and upset emotions.









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